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Introducing our extensive selection of wholesale electronics. From extension leads and heaters to scales and beyond!

Chaja is your trusted wholesale supplier and distributor of electrical products.

Explore our impressive inventory of USB chargers, batteries, adaptors, data charging cables, CR batteries, headphones, fans, plugs, jack & sockets, panel lights, adaptors, bulbs, extensions, junction boxes, doorbells, connectors, and more.

Car and tractor parts

Elevate productivity and performance with our top-notch parts for household and agricultural machinery. From diverse tasks to unique operational needs, we deliver comprehensive system solutions for any job.

Count on our expertise as we stand by your side, offering valuable advice and assistance whenever you need it.

Join the global demand for our sought-after products. Seize the opportunity to become a distributor and unlock new horizons.

Plumbing supplies

Chaja specializes in the wholesale distribution of plumbing and heating supplies, including pipes, valves, and pumps.

Our customer base spans across plumbing, mechanical, and heating contractors, industrial parts, maintenance staff, municipalities, hospitals, and schools.

With our extensive inventory, we’re equipped to meet your evolving job requirements, ensuring you can complete your work promptly without relying on special orders from large corporations.

Construction materials

As a leading wholesale distributor, Chaja offers a comprehensive range of construction materials, including siding, windows, and various exterior and interior building products. Our extensive inventory also encompasses tools and related supplies to support your construction needs.

Our success stems from a steadfast commitment to a fundamental principle: treating contractors of all sizes with utmost respect and providing them with the essential products and services necessary to grow their businesses.

Why us?

Customer-Centric Approach

At Chaja, our clients take precedence. We pride ourselves on delivering personalized service to each and every client, ensuring that distributors provide tailored attention that aligns with the unique requirements of their customers.

Vast Product Selection

Our inventory knows no bounds, constantly expanding to meet the demands of the global market. We strive to encompass an extensive range of products to fulfill diverse needs across industries worldwide.

Worldwide Distribution

With a robust network of distributors spanning the globe, our presence reaches far and wide. Particularly, we have established a strong foothold in Europe and Asia through our dedicated distributors, ensuring widespread availability of our products in these regions.


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